Modern Gaia

This illustration is very special to me. It was named by one wonderful woman in a giveaway contest I had. Gaia represents the primordial Earth or the Mother born from Chaos. And I find it a perfect match! Because the story behind this illustration was about receiving. I had a hard time receiving -in therms of accepting- my own gifts, my own life, my own ideas. And in the past few months I feel a crack inside me that opened me up and made me calm and made me deeply understand that we, as humans, are part of this dance of giving and receiving and that one without the other cannot exist. So this illustration is for all of you who are still in Chaos, a reminder that you can come out of it. The first Goddess in your life, your own personal Gaia. And that it is ok to receive. Every gift you receive is a seed that you will pass forward. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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