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All prints are executed on high-grade archiving paper, which has an advertised life of more than 100 years. There are three standard sizes available for all prints:

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terms & conditions

I love to create unique images that end to delight myself, not only my customers. I work in a non-canonical way with my custom illustrations and I want them to be charming with a touch of dream-like feeling. It is very important to me to get a feeling of what you want to have illustrated so I can make an artistic exchange with you: you give me the story and I deliver an image. In order to do this, please have in mind that we will be in contact since I might ask you some questions on the run.

The creative process: please write me the story of what you want me to paint. It can be a poem, a song, a dream, an archetype or a moment that is important to you and you have the feeling you want it materialised. Of course, it can also be about an important event in your life: a wedding, the birth of a child, a loss you grieve or just a (new) pet in the house.

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Please contact me for any further details & clarifications.


terms & conditions

We do our very best to process orders and to safely ship it in 7-14 business days after you confirm your order and payment method. If urgent, please contact me.

The art print is carefully shipped to you in a protective envelope.

The art print is delivered by Czech Post in the Czech Republic and then shipped to you by your national postal service. The art print is shipped with a tracking number.

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*Please take into account that these shipping days are not guaranteed to stay the same due to COVID-19 global situation.

No returns or exchanges are accepted. Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.