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Safe Inside the Glass House (738)

Safe Inside the Glass House (738)

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FOM - Fomei paper | HAH - Hahnemühle paper

Giclée fine art print made after an Andreea Molocea original.

As an artist, I often find myself deeply immersed in the creative process, crafting stories through my illustrations. There was one particular piece that captivated me - a depiction of a woman enclosed within a glass house, a structure she had meticulously built around herself. Initially, I envisioned this glass house as a barrier she needed to break free from. I wanted to illustrate her escape, to encourage her to step out into the world. However, as my brush strokes evolved, so did my perception of the story.

Over time, the concept of the glass cracking faded, leaving me puzzled. The story I thought I was telling seemed to change. I found myself reluctant to share this illustration, keeping it hidden from view. Yet, the more I observed it, the more it spoke to me about the idea of retreat as a coping mechanism. These glass houses, constructed from our childhood pains and fears, serve as sanctuaries where we seek refuge.

For me, withdrawing into my own imagination has always been a haven. It was my escape from the overwhelming adult world during my childhood. These mental constructs, my personal glass houses, provided safety and control. Even now, I retreat to these spaces when life becomes too much. This painting made me realize the importance of being compassionate towards these protective shelters. They are integral to who I am.

However, I've also come to recognize that these sanctuaries can become confining. They can keep us too sheltered, too ensconced in the comfort of our inner worlds. I'm now at a crossroads, curious about the world beyond my glass house, yet not entirely ready to step out. I'm in transition, learning to balance the safety of my inner world with the courage to explore the outer world.

The woman in my painting reflects this journey. She remains inside her glass house, contemplating her exit but not yet making the move. Through her, I explore the nuances of my own experiences. I had hoped for her to shatter her confines, but neither she nor I am ready for that bold step. We are, however, preparing for it.

It's important to note that I don't intend to abandon my glass house completely. It's a space where my creativity thrives, where I find peace and rejuvenation. But I also yearn to experience life beyond its walls, to embrace the emotions and adventures that await outside. I'm slowly realizing that there's a world outside filled with beauty, magic, and potential love that I've yet to discover. One day, my art will reflect this new chapter of exploration and bravery. Until then, it's okay to find comfort and growth within the safety of our glass houses.

*Frame is not included.

**Due to proportions, the printed image has slight changes from one size to another.

About the product

High quality print on Hahnemuhle William Turner 190g, 100% cotton watercolour paper and Fomei Cotton Smooth Bright 240g, 100% cotton (for mini-sizes 10x15cm and 15x20cm), using Giclée printing technique meeting requirements set for graphic work by artists, museums and art collectors.

The creation of each art Giclée print is a piece of craftsmanship done by a master printer in Prague. Durability of the print depends on multiple factors, but it is set as standard between 50 and 300 years.

The art Giclée print has a visible signature by the artist. The signature is not printed-on.  

* Frame is not included.
** Due to proportions, the printed image has slight changes from one size to another.


Hahnemühle William Turner is a traditional mould-made watercolour paper with a coating that is ideal for FineArt applications. This white cotton paper is acid and lignin free and does not contain optical brighteners, being characterised by its unique tactile feel and surface texture. It is ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance. The fine structure of the genuine mould-made paper gives art reproductions a striking depth and three-dimensional effect.

Fomei Cotton Smooth Bright 240 is a bleached, acid free, PVC free, premium, heavy weight archival matte paper made from 100% cotton fibers. Its pleasant to the touch surface and bright whiteness give the impression of an original work of art. This paper features a smooth, velvety, bright surface perfect for fine details and vivid colors.

About Giclée Print

The Giclée art print is a contemporary printing medium that adheres to the highest standards. Various museum exhibit Giclées instead of the original artwork. This underlines that Giclées can be a qualitative tour de force if they adhere to the museum standards.

Real art Giclées are created with a very high resolution and are printed using high-quality archival inks on acid free materials. 


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